A Quality Manager And His Responsibilities

Posted: 29th February 2016 by Hannah Bowden in Software & Design
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Quality Assurance- a system through which we can keep away, or rather, canprevent any sort of defects in products which are manufactured. This system also tries to avert problems when services or solutions are being delivered. Quality assurance consists of activities which are both administrative and procedural. These activities are enforced in a quality system so as to meet the targets and requirements for an activity, product, etc.

The main job of the quality Managers, sometimes also known as Quality Assurance managers, is to ascertain that the services or the product which the company or organisation is providing is apt and suitable for the purpose, as well as meet both the internal and external requirements, including fulfillment of customer expectations. Existence of the Quality managers, experts in quality assurance systems, is more probable in engineering and manufacturing sectors. A quality manager supervises and advises on the working pattern of the quality management system, data production, performance reports, and so on.

These managers are constantly in touch with the other managers and staffs to look after the functioning of the quality management system. If required, the experts of quality assurance systems also provide techniques and necessary tools and guidance to others to gain quality standards. In today’s world, the organisation who will be able to give high quality services and products will be the one to achieve business success and it is the responsibility of the Quality manager to ensure that the quality and delivery performance of the product remains at the top.

Apart from all these works, a Quality manager has several other duties which are as follows:

• He has to supervise the supplier audits programme.

• He has to access the quality plans and product specifications of the suppliers.

• To establish a good quality performance and to ensure proper supplier performance, the Quality manager has to work closely with the purchasing staff.

• He has to write reports of technical and management system.

• He has to be very specific in everything related to the quality related training.

• It is the duty of the Quality manager to set up and maintain documentation and controls.

• He needs to look after the health and safety standards and policies.

• Quality manager needs to provide updates on quality issues to their senior directors and managers.

• It is his sole duty to give proper guidance to his team to ensure the work is running smoothly.

• He goes through customer reviews and plans accordingly to make their product better in quality and takeproper actions and decisions based on that.

• He supervises and guides the technical staff to carry out with various tests on their product to improve it or make certain changes for its betterment.

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